A History of Shoreham Oratorio Choir


Below is a timeline showing important dates in the history of Shoreham Oratorio Choir 


1961 to present


Pre 1961...

The seed is sown. In 1960, the organists of St. Mary de Haura (David Bennett) and St. Nicolas (Sheila Chaplin) began to work together, with David playing and Sheila conducting.


Before this, the choirs from the two Shoreham-by-Sea Churches had come toegether on special occasions.  Jim Baker wrote in August 1999, that the first Good Friday concert was in 1961. However, Dennis Bird wrote in June 1999 that there was an earlier tradition of a Shoreham choir dating to at least 1948 - established by Rita Erwood, when Haydn's Creation was performed.


When the two choirs became known as the 'Shoreham Oratorio Choir' is uncertain, but it is recorded that Daphne McAlear had suggested the name 'Oratorio Choir' and 'Shoreham Oratorio Choir' is shown on the 1969 poster.

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