Information about our choir:
Founded: 1961
Registered Charity No:1042010
President:Neil Jenkins
Musical Director:Marc Yarrow
Accompanist:Tim Nail
Rehearsal Venue:Methodist Church, Shoreham-by-Sea
Chair:Team Oratorio

Our April 18th concert sadly had to be cancelled. We hope to perform 'The Armed Man' next year.

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Title / Concert

Gloria - Vivaldi - Dec 1986

Lacrimosa -Mozart Requiem - 1991

 Daughters of Zion - Mendelssohn - Easter 11
 Locus Iste - Bruckner Motet - June 2011

In Paradisum - Faure Requiem - Oct. 2011

Sanctus - Faure Requiem - Oct. 2011


God So Loved the World - Stainer - Oct. 2011

 Madrigalchor -Motets - Oct. 2011
 Pergolesi: Stabat Mater (Amen) - Easter 2012

Lacrimosa - Mozart Requiem - Easter 2012

Zadock the Priest - Handel - Sept 2012

Adam Lay Y-Bounden

Christmas Dec. 2012


Agnus Dei - The Rutter Requiem - Easter 2013
'Fantasia on Christmas Carols' (Part) - Williams Dec 2013
The music files below are MP3 files and as such should play within any browser. If you cannot hear the music please contact us using the contact link.

 A selection of recent and future works:

1997: Verdi: Requiem (E)

1998: Gounod: St. Cecilia Mass (E)

1998: Handel: Messiah (C)

1999: Mozart: Requiem (Michael Ades' last concert)

1999: Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on Carols (C) Tony Allen conducting

2000: Rutter: Requiem (E)

2000: Finzi: In Terra Pax (C)

2001: Brahms: Requiem (E)

2001: Vivaldi: Gloria (C)

2002: Bach: St. Matthew Passion (E)

2002: Elmshorn: Anthems and Madrigals (May)

2002: Mozart: Solemn Vespers (C)

2003: Handel: Messiah (E)

2003: Marc-Antoine Charpentier: Messe de minuit (C)

2004: Rossini: Petite Messe Solennelle (E)

2004: Haydn: Creation (June)

2004: Faure: Requiem (October - Michael Ades Memorial)

2004: Handel: Messiah (C)

2005: Mozart: Requiem Mass / Bruckner: Motets (E)

2005: Handel: Coronation Anthems (June)

2005: Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on Carols / Finzi: In Terra Pax (C)

2006: Rutter: Requiem / Barber: Agnus Dei (E)

2006: Verdi: Requiem (June with CC)

2006: Mozart: Solemn Vespers (September with M)

2006: Bach: Magnificat (C)

2007: Flanders / Horowitz: Captain Noah and his Floating Zoo

2007: Brahms: Requiem (E)

2007: Handel: Messiah (C)

2008: Pergolesi: Stabat Mater / Faure: Requiem (E)

2008: Rutter: Requiem / Karl Jenkins: The Armed Man (June with CC)

2008: Bach: Christmas Oratorio (C)

2009: Handel: Messiah  / Haydn: Nelson Mass / Purcell: Funeral Music (E)

2009: Haydn: Nelson Mass (June with M)

2010: Berlioz: Childhood of Christ (Epiphany)

2010: Rossini: Petite Messe Solennelle (Spring)

2010: Vivaldi: Gloria (C)

2011: Stainer: The Crucifixion / Mendelssohn: Christus (E)

2011: Brahms: German Requiem / Bruckner: Motets (June with CC)

2011: Faure: Requiem (M)

2011: Handel: Messiah (C)

2012: Mozart: Requiem / Pergolesi: Stabat Mater (E)

2012: Handel: Zadok the Priest / The King Shall Rejoice (CS)

2012: Bach: Sleepers, Wake! Plus Carols (C)

2013: Bach: St Matthew Passion / Rutter: The Rutter Requiem (E)

2013: Rutter: The Rutter Requiem - October performed in Germany (M)

2013: Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on Carols / Finzi: In Terra Pax (C)

2014: Stainer: Crucifixion / Mendelssohn: Christus (E)

2014: Vivaldi: Gloria / Smith: In Flanders' Fields (September CS)

2014: Vivaldi: Gloria / Vivaldi: Magnificat (C)

2015: Faure Requiem / Cantique de Jean Racine / parts of Handel's Messiah and St. John Passion  / St. Matthew Passion (E)

2015: Mozart Requiem (M)

2016: Epiphany Concert: Bach's Christmas Oratorio / Mendelssohn Christus Part 1 / Carols

2016: John Rutter Anthems / Karl Jenkins 'Sacred Works' (E)

2016: Schubert Mass in G / Haydn: Te Deum and other pieces

2016: Ceremony of Carols / Benjamin Britten (C)

2017: Cherubini: Requiem in C (E)

2017: Rutter: Gloria (C)

2018: Dvorak: Mass in D (E)

2018: Vivali: Gloria (C)

2019: Salieri Requiem (E)

2019: Brahms' Liebeslieder Lovesong Waltzes (S)


C - Christmas / E - Easter / M - With Madrigalchor / CC with Chanctonbury Chorus / CS - Come and Sing Day / S - Summer