Information about our choir:
Founded: 1961
Registered Charity No:1042010
President:Neil Jenkins
Musical Director:Marc Yarrow
Accompanist:Tim Nail
Rehearsal Venue:Methodist Church, Shoreham-by-Sea
Chair:Team Oratorio

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Sussex ChorusIn the past, our President Neil Jenkins was their Artistic Director. We like to promote their concerts.
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Resources for the Choir:

Download Scores and other resources:

Rehearsing at home:



There are several ways to rehearse at home, using on-line resources. Below are some of the usual ways. It's worth adding that whenever you download to a PC, the files will usually save to your Download Folder. If you don't know where this is, please ask. Files can be moved to a more convenient location later.


Choralia - (
This is the source we usually use to create links from our website. Each voice part has its own link to each of the movements we are learning. Advantages are that we tend to download your voice part with the others being heard in the background. Disadvantages are that the process can be time consuming.
John Fletcher Music - ( Here you can stream online or download mp3 files and save them onto your computer. However, this is only free to 'out of copyright' material.  You will have to register before you can see the files. To see 'in copyright' material costs £10  for an annual access to all material.
Cyberbass - (
Allows streaming but not downloading. Encourages buying of CDs - approx. £10 each
Choraline - (
Streaming and downloading, but not for free. Approx. £13 via Amazon.
Learn Choral Music - (
Download midi files for free, but no streaming. Your computer would probably need a midi player.